2018 Intensive School helps Revival School students learn about identity, transformation, intimacy, sonship, vision, dreams, destiny.

Intensive Training School
12 - 21 July 2019

We are excited for our next Intensive Training School launching in July 2019! We would love you to come and join us and to be a part of this life transforming adventure!


Location: Fiordland New Life Church, 6 Blatch Rd, Te Anau.

Humanity is Experiencing a Global Identity Crises... 

Tragically millions of Christians go to their graves without ever experiencing the Bliss of their Sonship: They never experience SEAMLESS UNION WITH THE TRINITY. They never experience a state of EFFORTLESS DIVINE BLISS. They never experience the life of SIGNIFICANCE, LOVE AND POWER that they were designed for...


The art of Sonship is the ability to receive Divine Love perfectly and to give perfect expression to Divine Love. A life of Sonship is a life of Freedom, Intimacy and Dominion. A life devoted to following Jesus and bringing Heaven to Earth.

Complete The Revival School 10 Day Intensive and destroy the ILLUSION OF SEPARATION. Destroy RELIGIOUS PARADIGMS robbing you of fullness. Start your beautiful journey into Sonship today! WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE TO DO... MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT AMONG THE MILLIONS WHO WILL NEVER WALK IN THEIR SONSHIP!

The Revival School 10 Day Intensive is designed to redefine life as you know it and launch you into a lifestyle of Intimacy, Identity and unprecedented success.

This training is not a magic bullet, it requires your personal investment and passion. If you want personal freedom, if you want breakthrough into a lifestyle with more of God, with more of Heaven on Earth - a lifestyle where you begin to live in personal a personal revival and unprecedented success and you are willing to invest yourself in your dreams then sign up for the Revival School 10 Day intensive right now!

Life will never be the same!

If you are ready to launch into the Bliss of Your Sonship and the fullness of your calling - we would love to help you in the process!

What You Get At Our July Intensive School

  • Receive a warm welcome into Revival School’s family of revivalists! 

  • Get to know everyone through unforgettable Adventure Based Learning and Team Building sessions.

  • Experience a well-established culture infused with Kingdom DNA, which is founded on unconditional love and divine family.

  • Experience The life transforming, paradigm shifting School of Sonship, with Benji Alexander as a part of the 10 Day Intensive!

  • Be led by an experienced staff team who will welcome you with extravagant love and genuinely care for you as they invest into your life with a passion to see you thrive.

  • A training base renowned for God encounters that has been saturated in thousands of hours of prayer and worship.

  • An experience that is based in Fiordland, one of the most spectacular destinations on the planet.

  • Life transforming times of prayer, worship and ministry with other students and staff who are passionate about seeking God together.

  • World Class speakers who are revealing the Father, raising up Sons and advancing the Kingdom here in New Zealand and all over the world.

  • World Class training that is inspiring, equipping and empowering students to bring Heaven to Earth and impact the nations with the revelation of the Father’s Love.

  •  Training focussed on establishing strong theological, practical and supernatural foundations that impart a year understanding of Identity and Intimacy and how you can live from a place of Sonship and in continual Intimacy with the Trinity.

  •  Training that will empower you to begin establishing Systems For Success in your personal life that will position you to launch and to live the phenomenal dreams that God has promised you in Ephesians 3:20 - "immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine..."

  • Practical training and activations for supernatural ministry.

  • Practical training on how to be a cultural architect and how to bring Heaven to Earth.

  • Facilitated small group sessions for deep relationship and processing times.

  • Weather permitting, a boat cruise in Milford Sound, New Zealand’s most popular tourist destination and one of the most stunning natural wonders in the world. 

  • Student handouts.

  • Get set ablaze for unprecedented revival by spending time with burning hearted lovers of Jesus, sold out for revival!

  • The Revival School Banquet - Bring something fancy to wear for our Graduation Banquet!