2018 Intensive School helps Revival School students learn about identity, transformation, intimacy, sonship, vision, dreams, destiny.

Kerala, School of Sonship Applications

To Apply for the School of Sonship, Kerala, India simply download the application form, fill it in and send it to: revivalschoolnz.com@gmail.com.

All Training Sessions will be in English only.

For safety reasons the address of the venue in Kerala will be given to you once you have applied. 

Information regarding the complimentary airport shuttle to the venue will be sent to you when we have received your application.

The Application Form is a word document, you can download it and then fill it in on your computer without printing it.

Click here to download the Indian Student Application Form.

Click here to download the International Student Application Form.

All prices are included in the Application Form. Once we have received your Application Form we will contact you directly to finalise the best payment option for you.

We pray that you are thriving in all that you do and we look forward to connecting with you very soon in Kerala!